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Multiple Bond Types Available:


Contractor License Bonds

[+] Performance & Payment Bonds

[+] Business Service Bonds
Dishonesty Bonds
[+] Bid Bonds
[+] Permit Bonds
[+] Side Sewer Bonds
Right of Way Bonds
[+] Commercial Bonds
Escrow Bonds
[+] Notary Bonds
Fidelity Bonds
[+] Cosmetology Bonds
Nursing Bonds
[+] Broker Bonds
...and any others you can throw at us!

How We Can Help:
[+] Bonds as low as $45/year
[+] New ventures
Bad credit or bankruptcy
[+] Financing available
[+] General Liability Insurance
[+] Work Comp Insurance
[+] Commercial Auto Insurance
[+] We will beat any other quotes

[+] Bonded by the end of the day

Who We Are:
Orange Insurance specializes in all bonding and insurance matters for small businesses and contractors. We can offer you many options for business or contractor's license bonds. We can also help to find you an inexpensive general liability insurance policy to protect your business and it's assets.

New business ventures as well as existing companies will find our service invaluable… We will quote your bond with multiple sureties, enabling us to find the best coverage and lowest rates possible! And best of all, we work with over 200 industry leaders – so you know we're searching high and low for you.

What are Bonds:
A Fidelity Bond: A first or third party bond that covers wrongful acts by a businesses employees or contractors. These types of bonds would help to cover the business from any losses attributed to these indivudals and their actions.

A Contractor’s Bond: A three-party agreement between a surety company (this is who we get your bond from), the contractor (you) and the project/property owner or client. The bond binds the contractor to the terms and conditions of a contract and assures the owner that the work will be done to state laws which may regulate the construction industry and trades. If the contractor has not performed to the contract's specifications, the surety may compensate the client as needed up to the amount of the bond.

Contractor’s license bonds as well as bid, performance and payment bonds are all rated on your businesses history and personal credit worthiness.

As a contractor, you want to assure your client that you are a reputable firm. Obtaining a construction bond is of great reassurance to many people when considering who to hire to work on their homes or buildings. A bond can also guarantee that you are paying your suppliers and subcontractors.

A Notary Bond: A bond that guarantees a notary will perform their job within the law and ethically. If an issue arises, a claim can be filed by the individual if they were financially harmed by the actions of the notary.

More Questions?
If further help is needed, our advisors can help guide you (at no charge) through setting up your business with the state.

Working with Orange Insurance enables us to assess your entire company risk profile, making sure that you are covered from all sides.

Less Than $44/Month

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