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If you need to

file a claim

or contact your carrier, please locate your policy number and call the carrier below or contact them through the website link. If you do not see your carrier below, please locate your policy and contact the carrier as noted on the "declarations page". If you still need help you can contact us here.

American Modern
+ [1.800.375.2075]
+ [website]

+  [1.877.284.4727]
+ [website]

+ [1.800.638.8428]
+ [website]

BTIS (Navigators / AmTrust)
+ [1.877.649.6682]
+ [website]
+ [email]

+ [1.877.262.2727]
+ [website]

+ [1.800.527.3907]
+ [website]

+ [1.888.901.4636]
+ [website]

The Hartford
+ [1.800.243.5860]
+ [website]

JW Surety Bonds
+ [1.888.592.6631]
+ [website]

+ [1.800.637.4757]
+ [website]

+ [1.800.592.6804]
+ [website]

+ [1.800.776.4737]
+ [website]

+ [1.800.526.0147]

+ [800.332.3226]
+ [website]

Security National

+ [1.866.272.9267]
+ [website]

+ [1.866.716.7242]
+ [website]

+ [1-800-SYMETRA (796-3872)]
+ [website]

+ [1.800.252.4633]
+ [website]

+ [1.888.523.5545]
+ [website]

Orange Insurance is a full service agency and brokerage that will work with you on all aspects of your small business and personal insurance policies. We specialize in start-ups, new business ventures, contractors and tradesman. Our advisors can help to assess your company risk profile, making sure that you are covered from all sides... And best of all, we work with over 200 carriers in order to satisfy
all of our client's needs.

Business to Bond... Auto to Yacht... Home to Health...
If you need coverage - we'll find it for you.

We take the time and personal care to find the right insurance coverage for you by quoting multiple carriers so that you can get the best possible rates with the greatest protection - that goes for both individuals and small businesses.

[ © 2010-2018 Orange Insurance® LLC ] [ WAOIC# 774768 | Bond# 6741497 ] [ Corporate Headquarters: Seattle, WA. ] [ 877.288.6103 ] [ email ]

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