[+] Not sure what the differences are in your insurance quotes?
[+] Do you want an unbiased and factual assessment of each quote?
[+] Do you want to know what all that jargon means?
[+] Which carrier is giving you the most for your money?

Don't choose the CHEAPEST one, Choose the RIGHT one!

We review your quotes without bias.
We break down the pricing.
We define the terminology.
We list the differences.
We note discrepancies.
We give you the carrier's financial rating.

All of this is emailed to you in a simple to read PDF format.

Email us your policies by clicking the submit button below
You will receive an invoice once we complete the review
$11/policy for personal lines
$17/policy for business lines


Business Policies:
General Liability, Professional Liability, BOP (Business Owner's Policy),
Builder's Risk, Surety Bonds, Data Breach/Cyber and more...

Analysis Fee for Business & Commercial Policy Consulting:

Personal Policies:
Homeowners, Auto, Renters, Personal Umbrella,
Watercraft, Aviation and more...

Analysis Fee for Personal Policy Consulting:

What We Do:
We've been in the insurance industry for almost 10 years and have helped thousands of clients with their insurance needs.

If you have multiple insurance quotes from different agents, carriers or brokers and are confused as to what all of the various numbers and terms mean, we can provide you with relevant information to make your decision on which policy to purchase as painless as possible.

We’re not one of these automated companies who just provides you with information from databases and algorithms. We are real people reviewing quotes and looking for discrepancies. We will review and assess your quotes without bias or judgement and provide you with a simple and easy to understand single page analysis along with brief comments on what the numbers are and what they refer to.

In addition to the analysis we will also provide you with the carrier’s financial rating to give you an idea of the strength of each carrier’s quote.

With this information, you will now have the upper hand and can purchase your insurance as an educated consumer.

We use only the facts and do not provide personal opinions regarding carriers, agents or brokers.

Ideally you will want to get 3-4 quotes to get the best overview of what's available. This will enable us to provide you with a better idea of your coverage options and how it fits your business or life.

Please note: We can only provide information and analysis based on what you provide to us. For example, if the carrier is not shown on your quote, then we will be unable to provide their financial rating.

How It Works:

Email us your policies here, and within a few hours we personally analyze them and break them down into bite-sized pieces. We then put all of the pertinent information together for you to make the smartest decision on what policy best fits your needs.

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