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What This Can Cover (Drone, UAV/UAS):
[+] Aviation Liability
[+] Physical Aircraft

[+] Pilot Accident
[+] Onsite Exposure
[+] Invasion of Privacy
...and more!

As well as providing a tailored aviation policy that has been created for the unique exposures of operating Drones (UAV/UAS/sUAS or Quadcopter), our carriers have also considered the non-aviation exposures commercial UAS operations encounter;

[+] Trespassing and invasion of privacy
[+] Gathering and secure storage of data
[+] Liability for on site operations
[+] Personal accident coverage

They understand these hazards and have developed a product to provide comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.

[+] Aviation Liability (limits up to $80M)
Hull/Craft Coverage (limits up to $100k)
[+] Onsite Exposure General Liability (limits up to $1M)
[+] Privacy & Trespass (limits up to $M)
[+] Personal Accident (limits up to $250k per individual)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Quadcopters, referred to by most as drones, are beginning to be a common place item in many households and commercial businesses. While most tend to think of these as high-priced toys capable of taking great "selfies" from a unique perspective, they are in fact classified as aircraft. There are hazards that anyone should consider when operating a UAV. Crashes could cause bodily injury or property damage. "Fly-aways" could result in trespassing or invasion of privacy issues. When flown outdoors, within the U.S., they fall into the airspace governed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA has some very strict rules governing U.S. airspace for sUAS. [source]

Who We Are:
Orange Insurance is a full service agency and brokerage that will work with you to obtain

drone business insurance

and can help to guide you through the state requirements (if applicable).

We specialize in smaller companies - micro business, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, mom & pops - those that may want (or require) a more personal touch. New ventures, start-ups and existing companies alike will find our services invaluable...

With access to over 200 carriers we will find you the right general liability insurance and/or bond at the "right" price.

We understand that there are many small businesses and start-ups out there that know what THEY do well, but don't have any idea why they might need insurance or what it is for... We're here to help!

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