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We are now offering music supervision and licensing services along with soundtrack development.
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We are now offering all of our titles in downloadable format through eMusic. If you sign up, your first 50 .mp3's are free and each one after that is only .25 cents! We can also still ship you hard copies of most titles - just start shopping and click on the "Download It" or "Ship It" buttons to get the format you would like. Enjoy!

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Notes from the Los Angeles Underbelly [ a book ]
Our first published book should be out this fall or early 2005. The book will be compiled and edited by Ron Sievers and include stories from current LA authors/writers in the vein of Bukowski, Fante, Hammett, Capote, etc. Submit stories or writers here for new volumes based in youur city. More information here.
The Ghost Lullaby
What happens when a band combines the abstract sounds of Sonic Youth with the earth-shattering dynamic melodies of the Smashing Pumpkins, and mix it with psychedelia and shoegaze? The Ghost Lullaby, a metal-shoegaze rock group from Los Angeles. And they are here to crush you with guitar riffs, dreamy swirls of distortion pedals and drums that will leave your ears and hearts bleeding.
The Immortal Lee County Killers III
The band has just finished the brand new full length CD/LP These Bones Will Rise To Love You Again. It will be released September 5 in the UK/Europe by the plonkers at Funhouse and September 6 in the USA by the fine people at TEE PEE, also in Australia by In-Fidelity Records. The ILCKIII, along with Nashville's own Black Diamond Heavies, will be touring the UK/Ireland beginning September 3 in support of the new record.
White Hassle
- A mention in Rolling Stone
- Free MP3's from "Death"
- They are done recording their second full length. More to come on that soon.
- More news
Rob K (of The Workdogs)
The man was born the same year that Elvis recorded at Sun Studios. His blend of country-garage- blues-folk-rock is second only to the musicians that he keeps within the circle.. Jon Spencer, Marcellus Hall, Bob Bert, Hollis Queens, Matt Verta-Ray, Scott Jarvis, Zeke Healey, Christina Martinez, Kid Congo Powers.. The list goes on.. His newest album is the first stuff out since his Workdogs era.. Which was the same lineage of multiple side musicians and included his (still to this day way of doing it) stream-of consciousness lyrical approach to songwriting. Gritty, raw and real!

Check out the live video for "Escape Ffom New York". Recorded in San Francisco
Rough, raw and gritty no bull-shit rock and trash? You GOT IT! OUT NOW! HERE. ...more
The Drapes
Their sophomore effort. A raw, gritty, 3-piece with a touring vengenance from Chicago. If Jon Spencer and L7 had a one night stand - this would be the result! OUT NOW. ...more
The Orange Sessions Vol. 2
The Immortal Lee County Killers II & Cash Audio
The second installment in the Orange Sessions series features two rock'n'roll powerhouses in a deadly dance of death. Chicago's Cash Audio serves up three posthumous doses of their patented "rockabluesabilly" smash, followed by the Immortal Lee County Killers, who revamp two Quadrajets tracks in their own mighty guitar-drums-and-vocal style
Film Premier

We recently sponsored the Wasabi Tuna film premier in Los Angeles. The film stars Antonio Sabato, Jr., Tim Meadows, Jason London, Anna-Nicole Smith and Alexis Arquette. A great time was had by all, including the debaucherous evenings end (sorry no details available). (Picture: The Orange Chick - 50 foot spread looking over Hollywood's Sunset Blvd.)
The Ghost Lullaby - Button Eyes
CD / Download | OUT NOW [ here ]

Rob K - The End Of The Earth
CD / Download | OUT NOW [ here ]

White Hassle - Death of Song
CD / Download | OUT NOW [ here ]

The Drapes - Swollen
CD / Download | OUT NOW [ here ]

CD / Download | OUT NOW [ here ]

The Studdogs - The Gospel AccordingTo...
CD / Download | OUT NOW [ here ]

The Orange Sessions Vol. 2 -
Featuring The Immortal Lee County Killers II 
& Cash Audio
10" / Download | OUT NOW [ here ]

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